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Frequently Asked Questions

The main reasons for sealing and waxing your floors are protection, the prevention of deterioration, ease of maintenance, enhancement of durability to extend floor life, and hygienic improvement through sealing, which repels dirt and bacteria.
Floors will become discoloured over time from embedded dirt and poor floor maintenance.
Floor Masters’ primary focus is floor care and carpet care. The company specializes in both. The owner/operator of Floor Master works alongside his crew, which provides our customers with the superior level of quality and customer service that can only be obtained through working with an industry-certified team equipped with an experienced and dedicated leader. In contrast, it is very rare that a janitorial company has the owner/operator working in the field with his crew.
The only times a floor should be stripped are when there is a wax buildup or if a floor has been neglected or suffers from poor workmanship.
Floor Master staff are well trained in these new types of commercial flooring, and use the right products and procedures to keep your warranty in effect.
No, there are various types of cleaning procedures used by professionals. Many are effective, but most carpeting manufacturers require the use of hot water extraction along with approved cleaning agents. With today’s high tech carpet construction and protection levels, some carpets can be purchased with a warranty of up to 20 years. These carpets require cleaning by an I.I.C.R.C. trained technician so as not to void manufacturers’ extended warranties. The wrong cleaning agents or methods could not only void the warranty but also ruin your carpet, and make the carpet attract more dirt and soils. Floor Master takes the time to do the job right and uses the most advanced equipment and cleaning agents available.