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The floor burnishing process, also known as buffing, requires a combination of product, pad and machine. One must be compatible with the other. 1000 + rpm generates heat. Using this process, heat is generated by the combination of pad and pad pressure. This process allows the majority of scuff marks and scratches to be eliminated. The more the finish is burnished the smoother it will become. As it becomes smoother, its ability to reflect light will increase, thus creating a high gloss shine (wet look). In addition, the smooth surface will become far more durable and scuff resistant due to the fact that the chemical components of the floor finish are tightened. This results in the molecular structure improving with continual burnishing. After a period of time the floor finish will begin to lose its ability to respond to the burnishing. At this time, a restoration product or more floor finish is applied to enhance the existing finish and allow it to respond favorably again. With proper floor maintenance you will be able to reduce your floor stripping and waxing frequency, saving you money.