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Floor cleaning and waxing


Keeping your flooring looking great can take a bit of work, whether you have VCT (vinyl composition tile), marmoleum, linoleum or stone floors. They all have there unique set of challenges to take into consideration.
Softer flooring surfaces, such as marmoleum or linoleum typically need several coats of floor finish to protect the flooring material from the wear and tear of shoes that drag in dirt, sand and other debris from outside.
Scrubbing and waxing your floors will keep your floors always looking clean and shiny, the scrub and recoat procedure is part of the interim maintenance portion of your floor maintenance program, and there are multiple benefits to performing this kind of floor maintenance procedure. Your floors will keep a higher acceptable level of gloss for a longer period of time so this will save you money. Scrubbing and waxing will minimize how often you have to strip and wax your floors and also extend the life of your floors.