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In order to keep your facility looking clean and professional, a regular floor stripping and waxing must be done. Whether you have (VCT), vinyl composition tile, marmoleum, or linoleum floors, it is important to aim for higher protection and shine through floor stripping and waxing.

An annual floor maintenance program is essential in improving and positively impacting your facility. Whether it significantly improves the health and well being of your staff, or provides a clean and welcoming environment for visitors, there are a number of reasons it is a worthwhile investment. In addition, a floor maintenance program is a sure way to ensure your floors remain good as new year after year.

We recommend this process be done every 12 months, at a minimum. For high-traffic areas, we recommend you get your floors scrubbed and re-coated every four to six months. If your floors are dull, yellowing and difficult to clean these are signs that your floors need refinishing.

It is important to decide on the amount you are willing to spend on a floor maintenance program ahead of time. Even if you have limited funds, floor-cleaning services should be prioritized, as they can prolong the life of your floors.