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Initial Floor Finishing


Initial Floor Finishing

Initial floor finishing is the first maintenance procedure that your floor will be subjected to after the installation. This is not to say immediately after the floor is installed, at Floor Master we recommend a waiting period of 3 to 4 days after the installation before any wet floor maintenance is performed.

This will allow the adhesive to completely cure before being subjected to the moisture from floor maintenance. If floor maintenance is performed too soon after the installation non-adhesion can occur resulting in tiles releasing or seems and welds used on other types of vinyl flooring such as sheet vinyl can be at risk to moisture as well.

In addition the adhesive may become saturated from the cleaning solution and can ooze out of the seams, which will create other issues.

Floor Master can help you increase the life span of your floor, your vinyl floor requires seals and finishes to be applied. Before we apply floor seals and finishes, we remove construction and installation soils. Our technicians generally accomplish this by using a floor scrubbing procedure, consisting of a neutral floor cleaning solution agitated with a low-speed floor machine and then we rinse the floor twice.

Once the floor has been cleaned and prepped, we apply high quality floor sealer and slip resistant floor finish. It will generally take between four to six coats of floor finish depending on the solids content, locale, condition, purpose, type of industry present, in the building, the type of amount of traffic to which the floor surface is subjected or the type of future floor maintenance program you choose to achieve the desired gloss and thickness. Some floor finishes may be burnished to increase durability and gloss where others, such as lower gloss finishes and no buff systems, will not need to be burnished.