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New floor sealing and waxing will protect your investment. Applying floor sealer to the surface of your new floor will protect it against stains and damage. Floor sealer contains wax-like solids called polymers. The solids fill and seal the pores in a floor surface as the sealer cures and hardens. Sealing and waxing your new floor will preserve the life of the floor and keep colors rich and vibrant.

When a floor is sealed and waxed it will be much easier to clean and maintain. It is important to allow at least 4 days for the tile adhesive to fully cure before washing and sealing the floor.

At Floor Master Building Maintenance, we are full service commercial floor care and carpet cleaning company, and are vastly experienced in new floor sealing and waxing. Our services entail only the highest quality floor care products and our goal is to provide each customer with the highest quality service and workmanship.