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Why is Floor Sealer Not Shiny

When a floor sealer is used, these seals use a higher viscosity and are designed primarily for surface floor coverings, which protect the surface from damage, by abrasion or spillage. The polymer molecules are not a microscopically smooth as this prohibits the light from reflecting directly back to the eye. Because the light is deflected, therefore appears dull to the eye. With some floor sealer polymers though, a floor buffer can be used to smooth out the floor surface, this will produce some shine. Applying a floor finish over a floor sealer is the best way to achieve a glossy maintainable floor.

When should you seal your floor

There are a lot of opinions on this subject but the standard rule of thumb is, when you plan on maintaining the floor and doing regular scrubbing and waxing is when you need to use a floor sealer. Since there is a desire to prolong the duration between stripping and waxing, the floor sealer provides a solid base to work with. With any floor maintenance program, the goal should be to keep the dirt from grinding through to the floor itself to prevent any floor damage. The best way to do this is to seal the pores with a high quality floor sealer. This also reduces the cost for the initial floor finishing process.
The draw back to floor sealer is that the larger molecules are potentially more difficult to remove once it is time to strip and wax the floor. But a good experienced professional floor cleaning company should have no trouble stripping all the old sealer off the floor.