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VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) is the type of flooring found in supermarkets, schools, hospitals etc.
These tiles can be installed in residential buildings but predominantly found in commercial facilities.

VCT flooring that is maintained properly will last for many years.
Three steps to maintaining beautiful VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile)

Stripping & Waxing:
Small dirt particles & dust eventually get ground into waxed floors, and over time floors will begin to yellow from the light.
In order to restore your floors to a “like new” shine, they will need to be stripped and waxed. We recommended this be done
every 12 months, at a minimum, if traffic is medium to low. For high traffic VCT it is we recommended an ongoing floor maintenance program.

Scrubbing & Waxing:
When VCT flooring loses its original high gloss looks and appears dull it is time to re-coat. A scrubbing and waxing of the tiles will
provide optimum appearance and reduce the need for stripping and waxing, saving you time and money!

Buffing/Burnishing VCT:
Floor buffing helps maintain the high gloss lustre you desire on your floors. This process uses an ultra high-speed floor machine to renew the floors surface. Floor burnishing machines operate in the 1000 to 2000+ rpm range.
Burnishing works best with a good quality mop on floor restorer, this will protect your base coat and keep traffic lanes, heel marks, and scuffing to a minimum while restoring gloss to maximum levels. It not only restores the wet look, but also replaces the elasticity of floor finishes subjected to repeated burnishing. Restorer resists powdering caused by the heat and friction generated with ultra high-speed burnishing, plus its durable formula helps extend the time between refinishing to save time and money. We recommend this service monthly for medium to low traffic areas, and weekly on high traffic flooring.

Tips for keeping you VCT tile floor in the best obtainable condition:

1. Always mop with a neutral floor cleaner. Other cleaners will slowly strip away the wax.

2. Never use hot water or a steam cleaner to wash your floor this also will slowly strip away the floor finsh.

3. Always use clean mops and change mop water often. Mopping with dirty mop water does not get the VCT clean and will add to the wear on the wax.

4. Always use chair mats! Wheels on a desk chair will not only wear off the wax, but it will eventually scratch into the tile itself. With this kind of damage it will never be able to regain any type of shine.

5. Newly laid VCT always needs to be sealed and waxed. Just because it is brand new does not mean it is protected!

It is very hard to keep floors free from scratches when the VCT is in high traffic areas such as cafeterias, classrooms or commercial buildings etc. These high traffic conditions will require some floor maintenance.