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When it comes to linoleum floors, which type of floor finish gloss is most popular?


There are 3 levels of floor finish gloss: matte, semi gloss and wet look gloss. The glossier you go, the more light reflects off the floor. This in turn can show more dirt and scuffs, as well as imperfections in the floor. Applying floor finish will protect your linoleum floors from highly abrasive soils and will extend the life of your floors.

A matte finish is typically in the vicinity of 10-25% gloss and is perfect for high traffic areas. A matte finished floor will better be able to hide scruffs, scratches, dirt and debris. This makes maintenance for matte floors very low. A matte finish has become very popular.

The goal to every floor care program is better looking floors and should include reduced stripping frequency. A scrub and recoat program is a key restorative procedure that can delay stripping when done properly.