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Winter Floor-care Program


Winter brings snow, ice, sand, grit, and other debris, and much of it ends up being tracked into buildings. Salt will destroy a floor as it will eat through your floor finish. It can ruin your hard surface floors.

Floor Master can minimize the damage by establishing a floor care program that includes several different procedures.
We prepare your floors for winter by machine scrubbing or stripping.

We apply additional coats of slip resistant floor finish and then we buff it back. It holds through the winter with the additional coats of finish.

Winter Floor Care Tips:

When snow and ice do hit, the first step is to keep as much of it out of the building as possible. So, your cleaning staff should concentrate more on the entranceways.

The biggest issue is tracking in rock salt and ice melt, rock salt damages hard surface floors and carpets.

Indoor entrance matting is crucial for keeping ice-melt, sand, and other debris out of a building.
Indoor entrance matting will clean people’s shoes before they enter the building.

Use matting only inside buildings, outdoor mats will freeze up. We recommend you use vinyl back mats for hard surface floors.

Also, be sure to keep mats clean on a regular basis because when they get wet they are useless. We recommend you vacuum the mats on a daily basis. A wet vac will work best for this.

In addition, as sand and grit tend to linger long after the snow melts, we recommend to our customers to get their walkways swept at the end of winter, to keep winter debris from becoming a year-round problem.

Wet-floor signs are critical, to warn people of potentially slippery areas. Be sure your floor care provider is using a slip resistant wax.

Using an auto scrubber is always better because the machine can pick up more salt, sand and grit.